februar 2011

Earrings by LAKS

A limited collection of handmade earrings by LAKS! has been launced. The models are designed by Lisa Pindel in collaboration with Kelly Palencia and Kamilla Johansen. The earrings can be ordered vi...

Where to get LAKS

The first collection of LAKS!, including models 1-3 in all colour combinations, can now be purchased in the shop of Kunstindustrimuseet, St. Olavs gate 1, Oslo. http://nasjonalmuseet.no/no/visnings...


30, Oslo

LAKS! is an exclusive collection of accessories in organic salmon leather. The products are designed solely by Lisa Pindel, an Accessories designer based in Oslo, Norway. They are manufactured in Germany with craftmanship and thoroughness because they are built to last. LAKS! products are designed to be clean and elegant, using classic solutions and modern materials, to create a timeless but extremely special range which comes in various colours. Thanks to the exotic looking structure of the salmon leather, LAKS! products are stunning accessories that complete your outfit - with a good conscience, because the leather, called "Nanai", is a by-product from organic salmon farms and produced in Germany using traditional fish tanning methods once practiced by the Nanai, an indigenous tribe living at the Amur river. These methods have been concienciously updated and used to produce a leather of finest quality that stands up to the demands of modern life. Contact: laks.by.lisa@gmail.com. Web shop: http://laks-by-lisa.myshopify.com/