Blue autumn in Italy

H E L L O F R O M L I D O D I V E N E Z I A !

At the moment, we are still enjoying the first glimpse of autumn on the beach in Lido di Venezia/ North Italy before returning home to Norway soon. Autumn in Italy means blue sky with slightly crisp air and Baci Perugina, the classic chocolate kisses.

Baci Perugina comes with the same beautiful color as the sky and also the new hair circlet of Laks by Lisa, presented in dark blue salmon leather with added Swarovski crystals in various shades of blue and a hint of beige - more colors on request (

And last but not least, some news for customers in Germany/ Bavaria area: A selection of Laks by Lisa - hair accessories in pretty autumn colors is now available exclusively at "Die Kleine Theatiner Parfmerie". Address: Theatinerstr. 35, 80333 Munich.

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